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Serving Those Who Serve Since 1957

Spartan. Smeal. Stronger Together.

The S-180 line of custom apparatus delivers trucks in half the time of any competitor, without compromising the strength, safety, storage, and comfort your department needs to get the job done. All S-180 Pumpers are equipped with the best-in-class Advanced Protection System® and feature 1500 GPM pumps. The specs differ by model, offering a unique set of configurations for wheelbase, compartment storage, pump brands, and horsepower giving you the ability to choose the truck that meets your needs.


Are You A Gear Guru?

Knowing how and why turnout gear performs the way it does will not only help you select better gear, it may save your life. Stretch your capabilities and show off you smarts: take Globe's gear guru quiz!

FDIC 2017

FDIC 2017 is quickly approaching... is your department ready?